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york mayor michael bloomberg canceled the new york city marathon for the first time in its 42-year history. it was set to take place, as you know, tomorrow. bloomberg insisted the race would not have required dive diverting resources from the recovery effort, but it was clear that the marathon was controversial and divisive. >> the race typically attracts 47,000 runners from all over the world and 12,000 volunteers and more than 2 million spectators. critics say it just wasn't right to use generators for the marathon when some people had not had food and power for days. >>> the lights are starting to come on for families in the northeast, but not fast enough for others. five days after the storm, more than 2.5 million customers are without power across 15 states and d.c. it could be at least another week before power is fully restored and the cold weather is not helping matters. >>> national guard troops are helping to clear debris so crews can get back to putting that power back on. they're also helping in the search for survivors and delivering food to those in need. 7,400 army a
announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. >>> good morning, new york city. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. look at that glorious shot. people up and out already. so nice to see. there they are already. there's already some traffic on the bridge, of course. >> seems like there's always traffic on that bridge in new york. we've all seen the images of the destruction left by superstorm sandy and now we're getting details on the cost. almost $30 billion in just new jersey alone. that's according to governor chris christie. he issued a preliminary damage assessment. and that includes aid received so far from sources like fema and a few other agencies. he says the final estimate could be higher. >> and while sandy left an undeniable impact on the coastlines along the northeast, we're now learning about possible health effects from that storm. mary snow traveled to long island to speak with concerned residents there. >> reporter: lurking in the devastationings from sandy is yet another worry for homeowners, exposure to toxins, mold and dust and in some p
andrew cuomo continues to help his city. staten island, that's where more than nearly half of new york city's storm deaths occurred. >>> well, power has come back gradually to homes and businesses in new york and new jersey, but thousands are still in the dark. look at this. according to cnn's latest numbers, there are still 4,107 outages reported in those two states now three weeks in. for some, sandy took everything they had. i spent the week in new york with people who are struggling through this aftermath and searching for a way to now rebuild their lives. >> we've got more food on the line. thank you. >> thank you very much, sweetheart. >> you're very welcome. >> reporter: for many in for rock away, new york, it's been cold, miserable, and dark. stacy lawrence and hundreds of her neighbors have struggled without heat, without power, without landline phone service. >> the staircase is dark. it's just scary. every day i'm coming down the step i'm afraid i might see a dead body somewhere. it's horrendous. >> reporter: we're inside the ocean individual apartment bu d community, build
that saying he will accept responsibility for his mistakes. >> number three, gas rationing in new york city will end today. that's according to mayor michael bloomberg. the city has been rationing gas by odd and even days since november 9th. recovery from superstorm sandy is far from complete. more than 30,000 people are still without power in new york and new jersey. 30,000. and governor chris christie says the storm cause add estimated $29.4 billion in damage in new jersey. >> number four, someone may wake up a multimillionaire tomorrow. the powerball lottery jackpot is now a whopping $325 million. that is the fourth largest jackpot in the game's history. you have to buy a ticket before 10:00 p.m. eastern time tonight to be included in that drawing. >>> and veteran actor larry hagman has died. his family says it was comri can indications from cancer and that he was surrounded by family at the end. tributes have been rolling in from hollywood and beyond as friends and co-stars remember the man some affectionately called the texas tornado. larry hagman was 81. >>> cnn's colleen mcedwards as
flying to new york city, washington, d.c., i'm sure the u.s. would have acted long before we waited, maybe too long. but now we are determined and we are calling for the talks to get ready and we're telling to the hamas leadership and to the people in egypt today. we cannot wait any more. >> let me ask you about the troops because, as you mentioned, the possibility of this ground campaign and israel has approved the call up of 75,000 reservists. do you see israeli troops going into gaza? under what circumstances? what would make that happen? >> prime minister netanyahu said it very clearly. the goal is to bring peace and quiet to the region. if the air strikes are not efishant and the hamas would not understand that we're talking business. we would not allow missiles to fly and we do not want to do it, but we cannot wait until we see more coming. only two days ago, three people and we see the picture and the hamas hurting the israeli children, but are using the palestinian children because they're hiding behind them, as well. >> let me ask you about the president because you have be
, new york. glad you're waking up with us here on "cnn sunday morning." nice to have you with us. nice to see the city come alive in these early hours. happy sunday, everybody. not qualified, not very bright, just some of the criticism level that u.n. ambassador susan rice by senator john mccain in the wake of the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and this past week rice responded. >> i have a great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country. i always have and i always will. i do think that some of the statements he made about me have been unfounded but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him. >> will rice get the chance to discuss the issue with mccain during confirmation hearings to be the next secretary of state? not if the arizona secretary of state and others can help it. jason, good morning. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> you say that ambassador rice is just the latest cabinet official to issue a cabinet's point of view. what do you feel is behind all of this controversy? >> i think in
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)